Air Mattresses

Specialty Sleep has come full circle with air mattresses. The original temporary guest beds that you pump or blow up still exist and have come a long way.

Now, air mattresses have the technology to dial in the exact pressurization of air you desire. The beauty of this is that each side can be pressurized to different levels to accommodate each partners comfort levels. You can change these numbers daily if you so desire. This philosophy is best noted in tires. Rubber tires perform best when they are pressurized to the correct pounds per square inch for the proper season and temperatures.

Vulcanized rubber channels house the air that supports your body. These channeled pockets are extremely durable and can hold up to extreme pressurization. The more air you let in, the firmer the mattress becomes. It is amazing that such sophistication can come from such a simple idea. Try one for yourself!

Waterbed Mattresses

Buoyant support hit the specialty sleep industry! This craze was extremely popular in the 1970ís and still exists around the world. Before you were born, bodies were supported by fluids. Waterbeds just take this inborn comfort and adapted it to our industry.

Waterbeds started out basic. One main tube or capsule housed the water that was your support system. This type of waterbed created movement every time you adjusted your body. The next generation of waterbeds had fibers inside to lessen then movement. Over the years waterbeds encompassed other products like foam and innersprings to add to the comfort and support levels.

Each mattress option is personal preference. You ned to experience as many types of mattress options as possible. Within each category there are many different comfort levels. If your body needs special attention, please donít hesitate to contact doctors or even sleep centers in your areas to help you. There are specialized companies to help you find the exact bed that would best suit your body.

It is important to note that you canít put a price on sleep. It would be in your best interest to purchase the mattress of your choice that your body is most comfortable on whether it is a futon, an innerspring mattress, a foam mattress, an air mattress or waterbed. Enjoy finding the correct sleep system for you! Contact us if you need any further help to move forward in the right direction.

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