Bedding can create a sensational impression upon entering a room. It reflects your personality. Choosing the bedding that best suites you is a statement of distinction.

Fabrics used to produce these masterpieces can number close to 400. Not all manufactures use all of them but the most popular ones are sure to be displayed in a retail store close to you. So many fabric choices can be a bit overwhelming. I recommend going into the store with a color or theme in mind. It will narrow your selection and help you to concentrate on whatíll work for you. Layers of Luxury

Now that youíve chosen your color pallet or theme for your bedding, next you should consider your layers of luxury. Your layers will be determined by your style bed. Futons, conventional bedding and platform beds will all have different layers to bear in mind. Ask your local retailer and watch your concept transform into a fabulous creation.

Letís start with some common ground pieces. These items are available in conventional bedding sizes and some custom sizes upon request.

A protective mattress pad is always a good idea. They are waterproof and repel liquids and sweat. They also have a natural allergy barrier. They are easy to use and most are machine washable.

Sheet sets are available in a number of colors and thread counts. Soft and luxurious sheet sets start at about 200-600 thread count and are made of a single ply, 100% combed cotton sateen. The fitted bottom sheet will have flexible elastic for a form fit. A flat sheet and pillow case (s) will also be included in a sheet set.

A duvet or comforter would come next. They both offer a layer of warmth and comfort. A duvet is a decorative cover with a removable insulation insert. You can combine layers of insulation depending on the weather. Check to find out if the duvet has corner tie downs or buttons to secure your insulation insert from shifting. Most covers have a button closure while some have zippers. A comforter is a single coverlet with decorative fabric on both sides usually lined with a polyester core. The comforter is then quilted to keep the interior from shifting. Both duvets and comforters drape over the top of the mattress and extend just a bit below it on the sides and bottom.

Pillows can create a dramatic effect by using color, various sizes and texture. You can match, coordinate or contrast your pillow choices. Your basic decorative pillows include square, rectangle, round and bolster. All the better to have a pillow fight with, my dear. Pile on the pillows for a plush appearance and ambiance.

Now letís explore some different options that lend it toward other styles. Conventional beds have additional layers that conceal the box spring or foundation and bed frame. They put the last touches on your personal design perfection.

First is the bedspread. It gives the overall bed a coherent look. A bedspread is a great base because itís tailored to fit the bed and drape the sides to the floor. The bedspread generally includes a pillow tuck so your pillows are covered with the same fabric of choice. Decorative pillows can accentuate your bed creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

A second option would be the layers described above and a bed skirt. The bed skirt is placed between the mattress and on top of the box spring or foundation. It is meant to hide it and the bed frame which conveniently creates a storage place beneath the bed. A bed skirt can be tailored with box pleats in the center and each corner or gathered gently. Most bed skirt is selected with a contrasting fabric in mind. It adds an extraordinary tier of relaxation. The combination of a bed skirt, mattress protector, sheet set, duvet or comforter and accenting pillows is sure to both soothe and excite the senses.

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