Click Clack

The Click-Clack first made its debut in the early 1950’s and 60’s better known at the time as the “Jack Knife Couch”. This versatile couch offered a sitting position, which could be lowered to a sleeping position. Some designs offered storage under the sitting area. Both design and fabrics were limited at the time. This early design offered a good alternative to fold out couches and sleeper-sofas.

Today’s Click-Clack Couches are available in many different styles and fabrics. These newer designed Click Clack Couches still hold tight to its family member the Jack Knife Couch in basic mechanical design. Click-Clacks offer the benefit of a complete look in one package. Unlike a sleeper-sofa, this designed couch does not require a lateral support bar, which may be felt while sleeping. In this respect, he Click-Clack best represents the benefits of a futon. Some manufactures offer slipcovers to change the look as needed.

Why the name CLICK-CLACK? When being converted from a sitting to sleeping position and back sounds are made from the mechanical devices found inside the couch, which make a “Click”, and a “Clack” There you have it, the Click-Clack Couch.

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