Innerspring Mattresses

The actual grass roots beginning of the traditional innerspring mattress had humble beginnings like the original futon did. Instead of a natural cotton filling, the innerspring mattress was filled with another natural material…horse-hair. Rope beds were used as a platform to raise the mattress off the ground. In general these traditions are not practiced by mattress manufacturers today.

Steel Away…During the late 1880’s the first patents for the innerspring coil emerged. To this day, there are 3 main innerspring coils (bonnell coil, pocket coil, and the offset coil) that define this entire industry. However, over the horizon there is a new true pressure displacing coil about to introduce itself and revolutionize the industry!

Mattress Manufactures around the globe utilize steel innerspring coils because of their indestructible nature. The actual insulation and padding of the coils may fail and show body impressions, but steel is solid and wares well. There are a few characteristics of the steel innerspring coil that you should be aware of and use as a guide when choosing a mattress. The gauge of the steel basically determines the strength and thickness of the wire used in the coil. In simple terms, the higher the gauge of steel, the thinner the wire used and the softer the comfort level will be. This also directly relates to the amount of coils used in the mattress. Generally speaking; the thinner the wire is the more coils that will fit inside the mattress walls. All this is important, but the padding on top (foam, polyester, cotton, wool, or latex) will also determine the comfort and durability of the mattress.

Foundations and Boxsprings house the mattress and complete the sleep system. The main difference between the two is basic. Foundations are made solely of wood, like the original wood platforms. Boxsprings have a wood exterior, but have larger innerspring coils inside them. Generally foundations tend to make your mattress a bit firmer since there is no spring or movement. These come down to personal preference or what the manufacturer determines which works better with each mattress.

Now that you have the basics, you can start the process to finding the correct match for your body. Literally there are thousands of mattresses to choose from designed by a wide variety of manufacturers. Don’t be afraid to experience on as many mattresses as you need. The purchase of a car and a mattress an both be daunting, but if you put the time in to find the correct product, you can experience many nights of restful sleep.

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