Throw on the pillows and add a splash of color, texture or luxury to any futon. Many coordinating fabrics are offered to compliment futon covers or simply choose the same fabric. Pillows complete the sofa look of every futon and come in several sizes and shapes. Create the lavish coziness you’ve dreamed about with a generous amount of pillows.

The pillow cover typically has a zippered closure so it can be removed easily for cleaning. Just remove the cover and follow the recommended cleaning instructions by the manufacturer. Most fabrics will either be machine-washed, dry cleaned or spot cleaned.

The pillow inserts are filled with a variety of products. The most popular products used are polyester, foam or feathers. Pillows have a tag with a list of products used so consumers can choose the right one for them.

Pillows come in numerous styles and shapes. The most popular would be the square pillow. It doesn’t end there. They come in small, 16” or medium, 20” or large, 24” square pillows. Mix and match the sizes to create depth and height variances. Rectangular pillows can add further dimension and back support. Round pillows enhance an inviting atmosphere. Bolsters, which are cylindrical. offer a resting place for the forearm or a great neck roll while taking that welcomed snooze. Don’t forget that any pillow comes in handy while watching a romantic story or horror movie on TV. The great thing with pillows is you can start with one or two and add others when you find them. The more pillows the merrier.

Styles also vary in pillows. A straight seamed pillow with no decorative edging is called a knife edge. Embellish the edges and you have a fringed pillow. The assortment of fridges range from looped or brushed cord, beads or tassels. Enhance your room’s charismatic feeling and add beauty to your pillow with fringe. Another pillow available has a decorative fabric extension around the edges. This is called a flanged pillow. There are also button pillows. Instead of closing the casing with a zipper, this uses a flap and usually three buttons. You can also find the button pillow with flanged edges. The selection of pillows available is certainly fascinating. Find the newest styles, fabrics and design trends at your local retailer.

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