About Futon Covers
Futon covers are a decorative casing used to protect your futon mattress and to personalize your futons appearance with color and texture. It is an essential component part shielding the futon mattress from everyday uses. Covers make decorating easy.

Fabrics used to produce futon covers vary by grades. They can be sewn from fine linens, tapestry cloth, micro fiber suede and even leather, just to name a few. These grades will have a bearing on the cost of your futon cover. They are reasonably priced and you are sure to find the one that expresses your individual taste and lifestyle.

Your futon cover will be easy to care for. Just remove the cover and follow the recommended cleaning instructions by the manufacturer. Most fabrics will either be machine-washed, dry cleaned or spot cleaned.

Futon covers will come in different sizes. The most popular sizes: Full 54” x 75”, Queen 60” x 80”, Twin 39” x 75”, Loveseat 54” x 54”, Loveseat Ottoman 21” x 54”, Chair 28” x 54” and Chair Ottoman 21 x 28”. Generally speaking, if you can buy the futon mattress, a cover can be purchased whether it’s off the shelf or customized to fit.

Construction of futon covers will vary. Covers may have sewn in zippers or a velour closure. The most popular construction is the box style cover. It has a top and bottom panel with a depth border and three sided zipper closure. It gives your futon mattress the appearance of upholstered furniture. You will find covers that have the same fabric all over. A solid back cover will have the main panel and border of the same fabric and back panel of a solid coordination fabric. A front print cover will have the main panel of one fabric and the border and bottom panel of a coordination fabric. One other cover is end capped. The main panel is centered and capped with a coordination color. That coordinating color is then extended to the border and bottom panel. These different constructions are significant because fabrics vary in width and cost. Offering various assemblies of futon covers provide affordable decorating options.

Redecorating has never been so simple. A futon cover can be changed to suite your new design trend. Economically transform your style by merely removing the previous cover and replacing it with a new one.

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